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ANTHJA "Anthropology of Japan" founder is Yutaka Yamada Ph.D., a fully bilingual speaker of Japanese and English. Yutaka was born in Tokyo, Japan and spent 22 years there. He also spent time as an Anthropology and Japanese Studies professor at universities in Australia and San Francisco. Currently he resides in Stamford, Connecticut.

Dr. Yamada obtained his B.A. in Ethnology/Archaeology from Keio University in Tokyo and received his Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill .

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He is a Cultural Anthropologist with considerable experience in research on Japan, cross-cultural training, translation and Japanese language tutoring. His work includes working globally with business and educational organizations.

One of Dr. Yamada's research interests is Symbolic Anthropology. He has explored life history narratives or autobiographies of members of Japanese New Religions in which dreams and healing experiences are significant episodic symbols.

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