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Dreams and Healing Experiences

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Mrs. M's Dream Text

In the dream, I was standing on an open path. I was looking at the sky and it was blue. And there was a white cloud. On that cloud there was somebody like Jesus Christ or an angel sitting dressed in white. In his right hand, he had a scroll. On the scroll, there were blue ribbons strapped. There was something written on it. But, next, I could see clearly that that person on the cloud was throwing the scroll to me with his right hand. It looked as if it was falling to earth. But when I started running to catch it, there was somebody running with me. At first I didn't know somebody was running with me. When I looked to left, I saw something like my husband's shadow. That was my husband. He was running by my side. I tried to run, but it was so hard to run. You know in the dream, you keep trying to run but you can't. I wanted to get (to the scroll) to see what was written, as quickly as possible before somebody else got it. Finally, I got there and the other figure disappeared. I was about to pick it up, then the thing broke in front of me like shattering rocks. It was like rock dust and there was about as much left as you can put in a bowl. When that happened, I felt so sad I just felt like crying. I was sad. And suddenly I woke up.

I saw a blue sky again and in that sky, there was a bronze serpent. It was an upper half of the body and it was floating in the air. It was just like I was seeing a slide. I can still remember it now. For quite a while, I took a picture of it in my heart. And then suddenly, it disappeared and I woke up.

I dreamt of my own funeral. In this dream, I was in some country town. I saw a band of people. Some friends were there. I was in the casket. But do you know that I was also out of the casket? I was looking at myself there. And there were so many friends. I felt strange there and I also felt good. And the next scene, guess what? Several people carried my casket on the dusty country road on their shoulders, all four dressed in black. I went to the other side of the road. Then, I saw an open field. Above the open field I saw a gray sky. It could have been just after the rain. Or, it may have been the late afternoon about four o'clock. A gray sky, but one part was open in the gray sky. Guess what? The sun ray was reaching down to the ground from the opening. And I was there feeling like I was twenty-one years old. I was young. It was wonderful and I gave a last glance to my casket and to my body. To say goodbye to myself. And, all I had to do was to go there and then lie down and bang! - shut the casket. But I woke up before I went to heaven. All I knew was that I had assurance that that's the way.

My Comments on Symbols and Organizations

When a series of symbols from one society is introduced into another, the symbols often take on new meanings, because of various interpretations and reinterpretations by different actors or groups of actors. There is potential danger to an organization when different ethnic groups within it go through an entirely different process of reinterpretation. The organization must therefore devise some means of creating intergroup unity. Such intergroup unity can be attained if a group possesses or creates powerful symbols with which different subgroups can strongly identify or which can encompass the divergent meanings attributed to them by different actors.

For copies of the publications above, contact Yutaka Yamada and Anthja via Email tamayu@aol.com Click Here

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For copies of the publications above, contact Yutaka Yamada and Anthja via Email tamayu@aol.com Click Here

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