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Symphony No.5 in B Flat Major


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The following is a CD list of the symphony No.5 in B Flat Major by the Austrian composer Anton Bruckner (1824-1896). These are some of my favorite Bruckner recordings. The discography description is based on the following key:
C = conductor, O = orchestra, R = recorded date and place, N = CD number and Label, VPO = Vienna Philharmonic, BPO = Berlin Philharmonic, CSO = Chicago Symphony Orchestra, DG = Deutsche Grammophon, V = version, * = Yutaka recommends, ** = Yutaka highly recommends
**C: Asahina, Takashi (1908-2001)
O: Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra
R: Live 07/24/73 Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
N: Tokyo FM TFMC0005
Asahina Notes: This legendary performances was the beginning of Asahina greatness in Bruckner!! I recommend this highly. You can order this from HMV Japan http://www.hmv.co.jp/index.asp?lang=en. Check this HMV Japan site for other Asahina Bruckner recordings.

DVD of Asahina CSO live
**C: Asahina, Takashi (1908-2001)
R: 05/16/96 Chicago Orchestra Hall.
N: 2006 NHK Enterprise NSDS10477
Asahina Notes: Another example of superb Asahina performance abroad!!

**C: Asahina, Takashi (1908-2001)
O: Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra
R: Live 09/03/80 St. Mary's Cathedral Tokyo
N: VICC 40190 40191
Victor, Japan
Asahina Notes: One of the greatest Bruckner conductors and one of the very few non-European to make the extensive Bruckner recordings. According to the Asahina biographical publication, as of June 1997, there were three versions of the complete Bruckner symphony live recordings conducted by Asahina and 6 versions of Asahina's Bruckner 5th. For a summary of the complete Bruckner symphony recordings by Asahina and various versions of 5th, see the following publication: Asahina Takashi Eiko no Kiseki (In Japanese). 1997 Tokyo, Japan: Ongaku no Tomo sha.

C: Barenboim, Daniel (1942-)
R: 1979
N: DG 429 025-2
Barenboim Notes: There are two complete Bruckner symphonies (0-9) recordings by Barenboim. This is part of the first with CSO under DG label. Recorded between 1973 to 1981. #4 (73), #9 (76), #6 (78), #5 (79), #7 (80), #0, #1, #2, #3 and #8 (81).
The second is live recordings with BPO of the 1990s under Teldec label.

**C: Dohnanyi, Christoph von (1929-)
O: Cleveland Orchestra
R: Severance Hall Cleveland Ohio August 1990
N: Polygram Records B000004X1

C: Harnoncourt, Nikolas
N: RCA B0006PV58U

*C: Horenstein, Jascha (1898-1973)
O: BBC Symphony Orchestra
R: Live 09/15/71 Royal Albert Hall, London
N: BBC Legends B000004sV5H
Horenstein Notes: The other Bruckner recordings by Horenstein includes symphony 8 by Pro Musica Orchestra Vienna (1955 Mono) and BBC Symphony Orchestra (1970 Stereo Live).

*C: Inbal, Eliahu (1936- )
O: Radio-Sinfonie-Orchester Frankfurt
R: October 1987 Frankfurt
N: Teldec B0009HGH10
Warner Classics International NY
Inbal Notes: Part of the Complete (0-9) Bruckner symphony recordings. Like Georg Tintner, Inbal is one of the very few conductors that created the Bruckner recording based on the original.

*C: Jochum, Eugen (1902-1987)
O: Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
R: 05/30 and 05/31 1964 Live Abbey of the Benedictine Monks, Ottobeuren, Germany
N: Philips B000051YD8
Jochum Notes: There are two complete Bruckner recordings by Jochum. The first is with BPO and Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, under the DG label. Symphonies 1, 4, 7, 8 and 9 with BPO and symphonies 2, 3, 5 and 6 with Orchester Des Bayerischen Rundfunks (Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra). The second is with Staatskapelle Dresden under EMI.

*C: Karajan, Herbert von (1908-1989)
R: 1976
N: Polygram Records B00000E33Y
Karajan Notes: Bruckner symphonies 1 to 9 recordings were made with BPO under the DG label between 75-81.

C: Konwitschny, Franz
O: Gewandhaus Orchester Leipzig
N: Berlin Classics B0000035PO

*C: Maazel, Lorin Varencove (1930-)
R: Sofiensaal Vienna 03/25-03/28 1974
N: DECCA B00060584A

**C: Matacic, Lovro Von (1899-1985)
O: Orchestre National de France
N: Valois B0007DDR14
Note: One of the greatest Bruckner conductors besides Asahina, Knappertsbusch and Schuricht. Other Matacic Bruckner symphony recordings are: 3 (Philharmonic Orchestra of London 2001 BBC Legends B00005QLO), 4 (Philharmonic Orchestra of London 1995 Testament B000003XIW), 5 (with Orchestr Ceská Filharmonie 2007 Supraphon B000N6UGOQ), 7 (Czech PO 2004 Supraphon B0002JP5A4), 8 (with NHK Symphony Orchestra. Live 03/07/84 Japan. B000M1EZYY. Japanese label: Co Co 78551 Nippon Columbia Japan) and 9 (VPO Tower Records / Universal Japan B000V8WQOV and Czech PO 2006 Supraphon B000F11Q8M).

**C: Ormandy, Eugene (1899-1985)
O: Philadelphia Orchestra
R: Town Hall, Philadelphia, PA 04/13 1965
N: Sony B0000027UT
Web: Sony Classical
Ormandy Notes: 1st 20:02 2nd 16:50 3rd 12:29 4th 23:00

**C: Rahbari, Alexander (1948-)
O: Belgian Radio and Television Philharmonic Orchestra
R: Salle Madeleine, Brussels Feb 1996
N: Koch Discover International B00000DC2P
Rahbari Notes: 1st 18:43 2nd 21.27 3rd 13:55 4th 22:36

C: Rozhdestvensky, Gennady Nikolajevich (1931-)
O: The USSR Ministry of Culture Symphony Orchestra
R: 08/10/74 Concert Hall of Radio Moscow
N: ICN 9430 2 ICONE
Rozhdestvensky Notes: The orchestral arrangememnt by Rozhdestvensky. Similar to some of the 19th century recompositions.

*C: Schuricht, Carl (1880-1967)
O: Radiosinfonieorchester Stuttgart
R: 10/18/62 Stocardia
N: Hanssler Classics B000917OMA
Schuricht Notes: In addition to Asahina, Knappertsbusch and Matacic, he is one of the greatest Bruckner conductors. I highly recommend his 7th recorded in September, 1964 with Hague Symphony Orchestra. This recording is part of the 10 disc stereo Schuricht collection (also includes Wagner, Robert Schuman, Schubert, Handel, Mozart, Bach, Johann Strauss II, Brahms, Weber, Nicolai and Mendelssohn) entitled "The Concert Hall Recordings" Scribendum CDs. The set is produced in 2003 by SilverOak Music Entertainment Ltd. The number is SC011. The set is available from SilverOak Music Entertainment http://www.silveroakmusic.com or HMV Japan http://www.hmv.co.jp/index.asp?lang=en

*C: Solti, George (1912-1997)
R: January 1980 Medinah Temple, Chicago
N: Polygram Records B0000042ED
Solti Notes: 1st 20.13 2nd 21.31 3rd 13.24 4th 23.55

**C: Thielemann, Christian (1959-)
O: Munich
N: DG B000787WYW
Thielemann Notes: Very promising young Bruckner conductor!!

*C: Tintner, Georg (1917-1999)
O: Royal Scottish National Orchestra
R: 04/19-04/20/1996 Henry Wood Hall, Glasgouw
N: Naxos B00000148X
Webpage: Naxos
Tintner Notes: Part of Complete (0-9) Bruckner symphony recordings . Like Eliahu Inbal, Tintner is one of only a few conductors who created the Bruckner recording based on the original.

**C: Wand, Gunther (1912-2002)
R: Live 01/12-01/14 1996, Philharmonie, Berlin
N: BMG 09026 68503 2, Bar Code 0 9026685032 7
Wand Notes: 1st Mov. 21:31 2nd Mov. 16:26 3rd Mov. 14:20 4th Mov. 24:57. Splendid fourth movement.

*C: Welser-Most, Franz (1960-)
O: London Philharmonic
N: EMI Classics B000083GOS
Welser-Most Notes: DVD of the 5th symphony live performance at Stiftsbasilika St. Florian, Linz, Austria. Recorded on September 12th and 13th 2006. Euroarts DVD NTSC 2055918

C: Zweden, Jaap van (1960-)
O: Netherland Radio Philharmonic Orchestra
N: OVCL 00305 Exton (label) Octavia Records
Zweden Notes: Recorded on June 25th to 28th, 2007 at Hilversum, MCO Studio.

Other Bruckner Conductors

Other Bruckner conductors not listed above include;

Bohm, Karl (1894-1981)
Blomstedt, Herbert (1927-)
Boulez, Pierre(1925- )
Celibidache, Sergiu (1912-1996)
Chailly, Riccardo (1953-)
Davies, Dennis Russell (1944-)
Eichhorn, Kurt (1908-1994)
Furtwangler, Wilhelm (1886-1954)
Giulini, Carlo Maria (1914-)
Haitink, Bernard (1929- )
Jarvi, Neeme (1937- )
Klemperer, Otto (1885-1973)
Knappertsbusch, Hans (1888-1965)
Masur, Kurt (1927-)
Skrowaczewski, Stanislaw (1923-)
Szell, George (1897-1970)
Sinopoli, Giuseppe (1946-2001)
Tennstedt, Klaus (1926-1998)
Walter, Bruno (1876-1962)

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